Strategic Plan 2012-17

Our strategic plan provides a road map to the process of resolving our region's developmental issues and remaining competitive on the international market.

Strategic Plan 2012-17


A new normal

UWI operates in an environment characterised by regional economic volatility and uncertainty, increasing competition in the provision of higher education services, changes in information and communications technology, growth in the demand for higher education and the desire to find solutions to pressing national and regional issues. These factors have created a “new normal” for the University.


As the leading tertiary level institution in the English-speaking Caribbean, UWI is charged with meeting the region’s “high level” human resource needs and assisting with the resolution of the development issues facing the region. At the same time, it competes in the international higher education market and in a highly competitive environment; UWI must leverage its resources and core competencies to achieve competitive advantage in three (3) key areas:

  • the delivery of accredited quality programmes at reasonable costs
  • the generation of impactful cutting-edge research and innovation
  • the achievement of operational excellence (involving talent management, efficient processes, information technology and customer service) to provide quick responses to stakeholders.

Our strategic plan provides a road map to this process of achieving competitive advantage.


Visit the University Office of Planning and Development for more information on the Strategic Plan.


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